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Thermostatic Mixer for built-in Shower panel Chrome 1/2 DN15

Thermostatic Mixer for built-in Shower panel Chrome 1/2 DN15


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Built-in thermostatic mixer for shower panel or outdoor shower;

As an extra option, a Thermostatic Mixer Tap that can be built into, for example, a shower panel with a hot-cold controller that is not thermostatic.

Fits almost all shower panels we offer.

Operation: A heat-sensitive element (thermostat) is installed at the mixing outlet of the thermostatic water mixing valve, and the characteristics of the temperature-sensitive element are used to push the valve core into the valve body to move and block or open the hot and cold water inlet. Turn on the hot water while blocking the cold water. When the temperature control knob sets a certain temperature, regardless of the changes in the temperature and pressure of the inlet of cold and hot water, the ratio of hot and cold water entering the water outlet will also change, so that the temperature of the outlet water always becomes constant held . The temperature control knob can be set arbitrarily within the specified temperature range of the product. The thermostatic mixing valve automatically maintains the outlet water temperature.


  1. working pressure: 0.05Mpa-1Mpa.
  2. Ideal pressure: 0.1 MPa - 0.5 MPa, pressure reducing valve should be installed if it is higher than 0.5 MPa.
  3. Standard pressure: dynamic pressure 0.3 ± 0.02 MPa.
  4. Cold water supply temperature: 4-29 ℃, hot water supply temperature: 55-85 ℃, the recommended normal temperature is 60-70 ℃.
  5. Constant temperature outlet water temperature range: 20-50 ℃.
  6. Set the temperature of the safety button: 38 ℃.
  7. Safety and scalding protection: When the cold water accidentally loses the supply, the mixed effluent flow decreases rapidly from closing.
  1. Accurate temperature: Set the desired temperature first, and you can reach the desired temperature within 5 seconds after the water is drained, and the water temperature fluctuates within ±1 ℃.
  2. Stable outlet temperature: when the inlet temperature is constant, the pressure of cold and hot water changes randomly by 50%, and the outlet temperature fluctuates within ± 2 ° C; At constant inlet pressure, the hot water supply temperature increases from 60°C to 75°C (5℃/min), the outlet water temperature fluctuates within ± 2℃.


Standard connection G1/2
Specific characteristics:

- For installation straight connection vertically
  • Suitable for use in a shower panel
  • For straight connection to the wall
  • Supplied with thermostat knob
  • Not suitable for use in a one-pipe system
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