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Do you want to buy a shower drain? At SaniSupreme® you can buy various types of shower drains. These are specially designed for very fast drainage of the water. This way you can always take a wonderful and relaxing shower directly on your tiled floor. All shower drains are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. View the full range online.

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Different models of shower drains


If you want to purchase a shower drain, you can choose from several models. These are models with a standard grid or, for example, with a tileable grid or even a glass grid. Most models are available in several modern colors and various sizes so that a suitable shower drain can always be chosen. Maintenance of all models is very simple. Thanks to the removable siphon with hair filter, you can effortlessly remove hair and soap residue from your bathroom drain.

Buy a shower drain in the style that suits your bathroom

At SaniSupreme you will find shower drains in various finishes. A shower drain model is a modern and stylish alternative to a traditional shower drain. It is a narrow, elongated drain that is installed in the floor of the shower to allow water to drain.

There are different models of shower drains available, varying in style, material and dimensions. Some popular models are:

1. Recessed shower drain: This model is installed flush with the floor, creating a sleek and seamless appearance.

2. Wall-mounted shower drain: Instead of in the floor, this model is mounted on the wall. It is ideal for situations where the drain cannot be built into the floor.

The color scheme of a shower drain can vary depending on the style and design of the bathroom. Popular color options for shower drains include chrome, stainless steel, black and bronze. It is important to choose a color scheme that matches the rest of the bathroom decor and the desired appearance of the room.

Order your new shower drain easily online

Would you like to order a SaniSupreme shower drain? You can do this easily and quickly online. Because 98% of our range is directly in stock, you can also collect the shower drain immediately by appointment. View the full range of shower channels and shower drains in our online store. At SaniSupreme you can always find everything for your dream bathroom online.

Maintenance of your new shower drain

To properly maintain the shower drain, here are a few steps you can follow:

1. Regular cleaning: Remove hair, soap residue and other dirt from the shower drain. You can do this by removing the drain strainer or grid and rinsing the dirt away with warm water.

2. Unclogging: If you notice that the water is not draining properly, the shower drain may be clogged. Use a drain unblocker or a special unblocking fluid to remove the blockage. Follow the instructions on the packaging and then rinse thoroughly with water.

3. Preventive measures: To prevent dirt from entering the shower drain, you can use a drain strainer or hair catcher. This retains hair and other large pieces of dirt and thus prevents blockages.

4. Periodic cleaning: Depending on the use of the shower and the condition of the shower drain, it is possible to perform a more thorough cleaning periodically. To do this, remove the drain strainer or grid and clean the gutter with a brush and a mild cleaning agent. Then rinse well with water.

It is also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions, as shower drains vary in design and maintenance needs.