Maintenance Tips and Recommendations

Maintenance black sanitary ware for shower and bathroom

Black design, luxurious appearance and modern design, but maintenance is very important!

It is not only trendy but also stylish and has a beautiful, luxurious appearance if you maintain it carefully and daily.

What many people do not know is that black sanitary ware (and certainly matte black) requires a lot of maintenance to remain beautiful.

In the Netherlands we have quite a lot of lime in the water and this also varies per region. The problem with lime is that it is actually a kind of stone (grit) and if it is not cleaned regularly, the lime becomes petrified and can become almost as hard as concrete. The problem is that it is then almost impossible to remove. That is why we provide a number of useful tips to keep your black sanitary facilities permanently beautiful and clean.

If limescale is not removed regularly, calcification is formed and it is so hard that everything that moves on it will also abrade and scratch. In addition, it causes white spots that stand out and are ultimately difficult or impossible to remove.

For example, if you adjust the height of the holder of a hand shower, the problem will become increasingly greater. The lime residue becomes thicker and ultimately destroys the paint layer, causing irreparable damage to the protective paint layer and stainless steel layer on the iron and this can even lead to rust.

We therefore recommend that you dry your tap, shower and hose briefly, thoroughly and thoroughly after every shower, for example with a soft cloth, washcloth or towel. This way you can enjoy your products for the longest time and cleaning is done faster. We also recommend cleaning the shower and parts regularly with a mild all-purpose cleaner (no aggressive anti-limescale agents).

If you still want to remove limescale stains from your taps, it is best to use the cheapest product 'Dasty'. (available at Wibra in purple bottle). Applying Dasty; Spray onto the parts, let it work for a maximum of 5 minutes and then rinse lightly with a soft sponge (not an abrasive sponge!) with water (for example with a hand shower).

The rain shower and hand showers are often already equipped with silicone nubs that are removed from limescale with a soft sponge or/and a single movement. It is also possible to soak the shower head or hand shower in a container with natural vinegar/cleaning vinegar overnight. The next morning, rinse and dry thoroughly and reassemble.

Black sanitary ware is more maintenance-sensitive than chrome, where you are less likely to see limescale residues.
You can also read these tips and more on the website under manuals.

We wish you many years of enjoyment from all the products supplied .

The SaniSupreme Team

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