Shower panels

SaniSupreme® offers an extensive range of luxurious, modern shower panels; almost always directly from our own warehouse stock. Ranging from simple shower panels to shower panels with water jets, waterfall function, LED lighting and even an LCD display for the temperature and to keep track of the shower time. Handy if you want to save on high energy costs. Shower panels with LED and LCD are of course very safe and work on low-voltage electricity via a hydro motor that generates electricity through water. Green, economical, environmentally friendly and an eye-catcher in your bathroom!

Collection: Shower panels

The function of the shower panel

The shower panel  of SaniSupreme has various water levels. These are often the basic settings: Water from the overhead shower, water from the hand shower and water from the massage units. These modes can often be controlled with one button, so multiple modes can be used at the same time. The amount of water always remains the same, when multiple settings are used at the same time, the same amount of water is distributed over multiple units.

A SaniSupreme shower panel in your bathroom

Immediately  SaniSupreme shower panel is ready in just one purchase! This set has been put together with care and assures you of perfectly fitting parts. SaniSupreme shower panels are always plug and play and can be used immediately after installation. An extensive installation video and manual can also be found on our own website.

Shower panel models

The shower panels  from Sanisupreme are available in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from simple basics to most advanced control options. When choosing a shower panel  it is important to take into account your personal preferences, the available space in the bathroom and your budget. A shower panel provides a very luxurious look in your shower room.

The shower panel is a unique element in your bathroom

The shower panel  ensures  a sleek look in your bathroom.  We at SaniSupreme offer a very stylish collection with various styles, colors and not to mention various functions;

Here are a few example options that are often already integrated as standard on the shower panels.

 - LED lighting at the overhead shower

- Hand shower including 150 cm long flexible water hose

- Massage units on the front of the panel

- A button for controlling the water levels

- A button for controlling the mixer tap

-  Flexible connection hoses 

Advantages of a shower panel

The most important advantages of a built-in shower set.

  • All your shower wishes in 1 panel
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Complete and very easy to assemble
  • Can be combined very well with various sizes and colors (SaniSupreme shower collection)

To keep the SaniSupreme shower panel in new condition, read the maintenance tips here

Regular maintenance of your shower panel  helps to extend its lifespan and ensure that it continues to work optimally. Here are some tips for maintaining a concealed shower set:

Clean the shower panel regularly to prevent the accumulation of soap residue, limescale and dirt. Use a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth to wipe the shower panel  to descale. On the SaniSupreme website, under the manual and tips section, you can look more specifically at how you can best keep your SaniSupreme shower panel in new condition!