Fonteinen & Toilet Sets

Fountains & Toilet Sets

SaniSupreme has an extensive range of fountains, washbasins, sinks and wash basins in its range. With so many variants you can tailor your choice exactly to your dream bathroom or toilet. A white ceramic sink always works well, but also look at the black or concrete sinks for a natural or industrial look in the bathroom.

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What is a Fountain or Toilet Set

A fountain kit is a complete set of parts used to create a fountain. It usually consists of a fountain basin, a fountain tap, a drain plug and other necessary accessories. A fountain set can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens or other areas where a small sink with a fountain is desired. It provides a practical and aesthetic solution for adding a water source in a limited space.

What is a Fountain Cabinet

A fountain cabinet is a piece of furniture that is specially designed to be used in combination with a fountain in a bathroom or toilet room. It is a functional and aesthetic element that provides both storage space and a surface for placing a fountain.

A fountain cabinet is usually compact in size and fits well in small spaces. It is designed to utilize the space beneath the fountain and provides storage for toiletries, towels and other essentials. It can have several compartments, drawers or shelves to optimize storage space.

In addition to functionality, a fountain cabinet can also contribute to the overall appearance and style of the bathroom. It is available in different materials, such as wood, plastic or metal, and in different designs and finishes to suit different tastes and interior styles.

Using a fountain cabinet can help organize the space, minimize clutter and create an organized and tidy bathroom environment.

What types of fountain sets are there?

There are different types of fountain sets available, depending on specific needs and available space. Some common types of fountain sets include:

1. Wall-mounted fountain set: This type of fountain set is mounted directly on the wall. It usually consists of a fountain basin, a fountain tap and a drain plug. Wall-mounted fountain sets are popular for their space-saving design and sleek appearance.

2. Surface-mounted fountain set: This type of fountain set consists of a fountain basin that is placed on top of a surface, such as a sink top or a piece of furniture. It is often used in bathrooms and offers a modern and stylish look.

3. Standing fountain set: This type of fountain set consists of a free-standing fountain basin that is placed on the floor. It can be a standalone unit or combined with a fountain tap and drain plug. Standing fountain sets are ideal for areas where wall mounting is not possible.

4. Corner Fountain Set: This type of fountain set is specifically designed to fit in a corner of the room. It makes efficient use of the available space and can be a good choice for small bathrooms or toilet areas.

Choosing the right type of fountain set depends on factors such as available space, desired style and budget. It is advisable to seek advice from a plumbing professional to make the best choice for your specific situation.

What color scheme can a fountain set have?

Fountain sets are available in different color schemes to suit different interior preferences and styles. Some common color schemes for fountain sets include:

1. White: White fountain sets are timeless and fit well with different interior styles. They give a clean and fresh look to the room.

2. Black: Black fountain sets are popular because of their modern and elegant look. They can make a statement in the room and provide a stylish contrast.

3. Chrome: Chrome finishes are common in fountain sets. They give a shiny and polished look to the faucet and other metal parts of the fountain set.

4. Brushed Nickel: Brushed nickel finishes give a matte and subtle look to the fountain set. They are popular in modern and contemporary interiors.

5. Bronze: Bronze fountain sets have a warm and classic appearance. They add a touch of elegance and vintage charm to the space.

It is important to match the color of the fountain set with the rest of the interior to create a harmonious whole. It can also help to look at swatches or examples of different colorways to make the best choice.