Bathroom mirrors

A bathroom without a beautiful mirror is not complete! Choose the right shape and size mirror that best suits your bathroom furniture and use extra luxury such as integrated LED lighting and heating in the mirror so that you can always use the mirror.

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Bathroom mirror

A bathroom mirror is an essential element in most bathrooms. Shape, size, with lighting, in a frame, the method of mounting, maintenance, contraceptives and budget are the angles on which a choice can be based. Nowadays, bathroom mirrors are often equipped with integrated LED lighting and sometimes even heating so that the mirror is always free from condensation.

When choosing a bathroom mirror, it is important to consider both functional and aesthetic considerations to ensure it fits well with your bathroom decor and daily needs.

Types of Bathroom Mirrors

There are different types of bathroom mirrors available, depending on the functionality and design you are looking for. Some common types of bathroom mirrors include:

1. Wall mirror: This is the most traditional form of bathroom mirror that is mounted on the wall. It can come in different shapes and sizes such as rectangular, round or oval.

2. Illuminated mirror: These mirrors have built-in lighting, usually in the form of LED lights around the edge of the mirror. This provides better lighting while using the mirror.

3. Magnifying mirror: This type of mirror has a magnifying effect, allowing you to see details better while applying makeup or shaving.

4. Cabinet Mirror: This is a mirror built into a cabinet. It not only provides a mirror surface, but also storage space for toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

5. Built-in mirror: These mirrors are built into the wall, giving them a seamless and sleek look. They can be custom made to fit perfectly in the bathroom.

The type of bathroom mirror that is most suitable depends on your personal preference, the available space and the desired functionality in the bathroom

Durability of bathroom mirror

Durability is determined by the material, mounting method, behavior in a damp room, quality of the whole and the mirror itself.

Unique style of your bathroom mirror

The design of a bathroom mirror is an eye-catching part and should therefore fit in well with the style you choose. It is the determining factor that determines the further design of your bathroom.

Easy maintenance of bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror maintenance is important to keep it looking clean and bright. A mirror must be able to reflect!

Regular attention to the condition of the mirror is necessary to experience it as a mirror. By this we mean that the mirror must be clean and free of stains. But maintenance is also possible wherever and however the mirror is mounted. Use glass cleaner as a cleaning agent. After cleaning, sometimes a line can still be discovered, our advice is to use a clean tea towel, after which the best result will give your vision.