Washbasin taps

An overview of our washbasin taps in modern and contemporary colors and design. Something suitable for every bathroom. Stylish wash basin taps for mounting on wash basins, wash basin furniture and wash basin tops. The latest trend is floating washbasin taps such as the Biarritz model, take a look for yourself and be amazed by the elegance!

Collection: Washbasin taps

Sanisupreme washbasin taps

These washbasin taps are suitable for mounting on ceramic washbasins and wooden tops because the washbasin taps are often not made of solid stainless steel, which makes them a lot lighter, but the interior and spout are made of stainless steel. The risk of damage and looseness over time is therefore much less.

We have a wide range of washbasin taps from built-in to surface-mounted. For the entire collection of washbasin taps, visit the Sanisupreme website


Your bathroom or toilet is not complete without the Sanisupreme washbasin tap

A sink tap is an essential part of every bathroom and toilet. Therefore, only choose Sanisupreme washbasin taps.  These washbasin taps guarantee years of ease of use! With a built-in tap, all pipes are concealed in the wall. This means a sleek look and more space on the sink. Cleaning is also a lot easier. But even if you opt for a surface-mounted washbasin tap, we can guarantee the quality.


The washbasin tap


Whether you choose built-in or surface-mounted, you can contact Sanisupreme for both options. We are happy to think along with you and help you make the right choice.

That is why it is best to first check whether your wall has the right thickness for a built-in sink tap. If you simply cannot achieve this, we have plenty of stylish alternatives. You can always succeed at Sanisupreme.

The sink tap is a unique element in your bathroom and toilet


The sink tap  ensures  a sleek look in your bathroom and toilet.  We at SaniSupreme offer a very stylish collection with various styles, colors and sizes. We also have washbasin taps in every price range. View the entire range and make an informed choice. 

The advantages of Sanisupreme washbasin taps

The most important advantages of a sink tap.

  • scratch-resistant top layer
  • environmentally friendly production process
  • beautiful modern design and stylish design
  • choice of finish and color
  • durable product with a long lifespan
  • very easy to clean


To keep the SaniSupreme washbasin tap in new condition, read the maintenance tips here.


Maintaining your sink tap  helps to extend its lifespan and ensure that it continues to work optimally. Here are some tips for maintaining a sink faucet:

 Clean the sink tap regularly to prevent the accumulation of soap residue, limescale and dirt. Use a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth to clean it  to descale. On the SaniSupreme website, under the manual and tips section, you can look more specifically at how you can best keep your SaniSupreme washbasin tap in new condition!