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SaniSupreme (BIDET) Built-in element

SaniSupreme (BIDET) Built-in element


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SaniSupreme® (BIDET) Built-in element

Product information:

A Sanisupreme bidet insert is a sanitary product used to install a bidet in the bathroom. The built-in element provides the necessary support and functionality for attaching the bidet to the wall and connecting the necessary pipes. Here are some features and specifications of a typical bidet insert:

  1. Sturdy construction: The built-in element is usually made of high-quality and durable material such as stainless steel or sturdy plastic. This ensures stability and reliability when fixing the bidet to the wall.

  2. Water connections: The built-in element contains water connections for the bidet. This usually includes a cold water inlet and optionally a hot water inlet depending on the type of bidet used. These connections make it possible to supply water to the bidet for use.

  3. Drain connection: The built-in element is equipped with a drain connection with which the waste water from the bidet is drained to the sewer system of the bathroom. This ensures efficient and hygienic drainage of the used water.

  4. Adjustable height: The built-in element can often be adjusted in height, so that the bidet can be placed in the desired position. This makes it possible to install the bidet at the most comfortable height, depending on the user's needs.

  5. Ease of installation: The built-in element comes with detailed installation instructions and is designed for relatively easy installation. It can be adapted to the specific requirements of the bathroom and offers flexibility in positioning the bidet.

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