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SaniSupreme® Premium Electric Sink Grinder Food Grinder Kitchen Sink Black

SaniSupreme® Premium Electric Sink Grinder Food Grinder Kitchen Sink Black


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The SaniSupreme® Premium Sink Grinder is a device used to grind food waste in the sink before rinsing it away. The device is usually installed under the sink and has a motor that grinds the food waste into small particles. These particles are then carried away through the home's drainage system. This sink grinder is very useful because it prevents large food particles from causing blockages in the drain pipes. However, it is important to only grind suitable food waste and not fat, oil or fibrous materials as these can cause blockages in the drainage system.

The Sink Grinder or Food Grinder, also known as a kitchen waste grinder, is a device used to grind food waste into small particles before rinsing it away.

The food grinder is mainly used to process the waste of plant foods, such as fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells and small bones. The device can help reduce the amount of waste going to the bin and can also help prevent unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

It is important to know that not all food waste is suitable for grinding. Hard objects such as bones, shells and large pieces of meat can damage the device

  • Easy to install, splash-proof and quiet.
    • No cutting blades to sharpen but deep double layer chipper, safe and more efficient.
    • Pure copper motor with German imported technology, stronger power and quality.
    • Overload protection + high temperature protection, long service life
    • Daily use, ultra-low energy consumption.

Easy disposal of many types of food waste

The SaniSupreme® Premium Food Waste Sink Dishwasher can handle 95% of food waste, such as fruits and vegetables, fruit peels and shells, small bones, small ribs, seafood fish bones, small shells, etc.

Cannot handle: plastic bags, hair, large bones, large shells and non-food waste.

One click - so easy

  1. Turn on the water tap.
    2. Start the processor with one button.
    3. Pour the food waste into the grinder.
    4.*Note: After waiting for the food to grind completely, keep the tap on and leave it on for 5 seconds and then turn it off.
    5. The machine is set with overload protection device, exceeding a certain load or overheating and the machine will shut down automatically

Blade-free sharpening system

The grinding discs are equipped with a bladeless grinding system with built-in 360° freely rotating chipper parts. Their shape ensures that the grinding discs are covered with sufficient impact points during the rotation of the machine, allowing food residues to be broken down and pulverized immediately

High efficiency, safety, energy saving

The machine is designed with three layers of grinding technology inside, the first layer is a stainless steel grinding wheel that stores food residue easily. The second and third layers adopt gear structure, which is to deeply cut the residue waste of the first grinding wheel, to ensure that 100% of the residue flowing into the sewer becomes liquid substance and 100% solves the problem of water pipe blockage.

The machine has a German permanent magnet motor that grinds powerfully

Current overload protection

Prevents current overload, which can cause damage to the machine.

Thickened Feed Silicone Valve

Attenuates the sound and prevents the residue from splashing while grinding.

Suitable size

This machine is suitable for a sink opening of 80 to 110mm in size, while the button for the switch is suitable for a mounting hole of 3cm.

Important tips

  1. The product is suitable for 110mm sink opening.
  2. the product comes with switch as standard and the recommended installation hole is 28.5 ~ 30mm.
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