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Black rain shower

Discover the luxury of a black rain shower. Choose from surface-mounted or built-in black rain shower, matte black versions and different styles; round or square black rain showers. Create a stylish bathroom!

Collection: Black rain shower

Black rain shower

Turn your bathroom into an oasis of luxury and style with our exclusive collection of black rain showers. View our range!

Beautiful black rain showers

At SaniSupreme we understand that the details make the difference in creating a unique and attractive bathroom. That is why we have a unique collection of black rain showers. Whether you are looking for a surface-mounted rain shower , built-in rain shower , or a complete set with hand shower and overhead shower, we have the perfect matte black rain shower for you.

Stylish appearance with a matte black rain shower

With a matte black rain shower you immediately give your bathroom a modern and luxurious look. The matte black material, made of high-quality brass, exudes elegance and class. Whether you have a dark or light bathroom, the matte black rain shower always forms a harmonious whole with the rest of your interior.

Perfect functionality and comfort

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, our black rain showers also offer excellent functionality and comfort. With a rain shower from SaniSupreme you can enjoy a wonderful rain shower experience that makes your stress flow away. The thermostatic tap provides precise control over the water temperature and the complete set, including hand shower and shower hose, offers a versatile shower experience.

Rain shower black: durable in use

Our black rain showers are not only visually attractive, but also practical to use. Thanks to the high-quality materials such as stainless steel and brass, they are durable and resistant to long-term use. In addition, our rain showers come with clear installation instructions, so you can easily install them in your existing bathroom.

Black surface-mounted rain shower

A black surface-mounted rain shower is a great choice for those looking for a simple and stylish addition to their bathroom. With its characteristic visible pipes and sleek finish, the black surface-mounted rain shower is a statement in itself. This rain shower is mounted directly on the wall, making it easy to install. The matte black color gives a modern and trendy look to the bathroom. It is a popular choice for those who would like to create a contrast in a light bathroom or accentuate a dark bathroom with a matte black element.

Black built-in rain shower

Do you want a minimalist and seamless look in your bathroom? Then the black built-in rain shower is the perfect choice. With a built-in rain shower, the pipes are completely concealed in the wall, so there are no visible elements. Only the sleek matte black shower head is visible, creating a feeling of elegance and tranquility. The built-in rain shower integrates perfectly with the wall and creates a modern look that suits any bathroom style. Whether you have a modern, minimalist bathroom or a classic style, the black built-in rain shower adds a touch of sophistication to your shower room.

Should I choose a black built-in or surface-mounted rain shower?

When choosing between a black surface-mounted rain shower and a black built-in rain shower, it is important to take the practical aspect into account.

A black surface-mounted rain shower is easy to install and does not require any structural adjustments to the bathroom. The pipes are guided over the wall and connected