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Differnz fountain set Bluestone complete set

Differnz fountain set Bluestone complete set


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Fountain set Differnz Flat Small 38x24x7 cm Bluestone Black

This modern fountain set is suitable for almost any toilet room. Fountains are usually small in size but provide an important element in the design of your toilet. Despite the small size, you can wash your hands in it.

This modern fountain set is suitable for almost any sanitary area. The fountain basin can only be placed in one way, namely straight against the wall with the tap hole and tap in the middle. The mounting points are out of sight of the user.

The fountain set is made of bluestone. Bluestone, or natural stone, is a fairly hard limestone. Because it is natural stone, the surface may discolor from almost black to pale gray. This makes every product unique.

The set is supplied including a cold water tap, drain and siphon.

NB! We offer no guarantee on natural veins, discoloration, water runoff and crack formation. With the right treatment of a good wash you will enjoy your new fountain.


Only clean the sink with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. A cleaning agent must remove adherent dirt and must not be harmful to the natural stone. Use PH-neutral cleaning agents for regular maintenance. Never use cleaners with abrasives as they can scratch the surface of the tap, drain and siphon.

Specifications Fountain set Differnz Bluestone Black:

  • - Fountain set
  • -Differns
  • - 38x24x7 cm
  • - Natural stone
  • - Black gray
  • - Includes cold water tap, siphon and drain


  • 1 Fountain basin
  • 1 Drain
  • 1 Rubber sealing ring
  • 1 Mounting ring
  • 1 Short chrome tube
  • 1 Siphon
  • 1 Long chrome tube
  • 1 Rosette
  • 1 Fountain tap
  • 1 Threaded bolt
  • 1 Chromed ring
  • 1 Rubber mounting ring

    Cleaning and maintenance

    SaniSupreme® advice:
    Although the fountain set remains largely free of stains, you will probably want to clean the set regularly. To clean ceramics, we recommend using water and mild soap. A ceramic cleaner is also possible, but never use cleaners with chlorine or abrasives. These agents can cause scratches on the surface of the tap, drain and siphon.

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