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Sanisupreme Solid Bathroom Stool (31X38X38CM) - White

Sanisupreme Solid Bathroom Stool (31X38X38CM) - White


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Sanisupreme Solid Bathroom Stool (31X38X38CM) - White

Meet the elegant Creavit Solid U-shaped bathroom stool, a beautiful item that will complement any bathroom. With its white color it adds a touch of luxury to any room in which it is placed. The dimensions of 31 cm wide, 38 cm deep and 38 cm high make it versatile and suitable for different applications.

This bathroom stool is crafted with an eye for detail and has a moisture and stain resistant finish, making it long lasting. Moreover, the material is of high quality, strong and durable. In addition, it offers antibacterial properties for a hygienic experience.

If you have a preference for matte black accessories in your bathroom, then this Creavit Solid bathroom stool is a perfect choice. He summarized it with other matte black sanitary items for a harmonious and stylish look.

Specifications Bathroom stool Creavit Solid U-Shape 31x38x38 cm (WxDxH) White:

  • Brand: Creavit
  • Series: solid
  • Shape: U-shape
  • Dimensions: 31 cm wide, 38 cm deep, 38 cm high
  • Colour White
  • Material: Durable and strong
  • Properties: Moisture and stain resistant, antibacterial
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