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SaniSupreme Creavit Built-in reservoir 3-6L

SaniSupreme Creavit Built-in reservoir 3-6L


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SaniSupreme® Built-in Reservoir 3-6L

Product information:

Our Sanisupreme Creavit Concealed Reservoir 3-6L is a sanitary product that is used for installing a toilet. The reservoir is designed to hold water for flushing the toilet and has a capacity of 3 to 6 liters of water.

Here are some features and specifications of a typical Creavit Concealed Reservoir 3-6L:

  1. Capacity: The reservoir has an adjustable capacity from 3 to 6 liters of water depending on the settings that can be adjusted to the user's needs.

  2. Built-in options: The cistern is designed to be built into the wall, minimizing visibility and giving a sleek look to the toilet.

  3. Flushing mechanism: Sanisupreme Creavit Built-in cisterns are often equipped with a dual-flush flushing system. This means that they have a button or lever that allows you to choose between a small flush (usually 3 litres) and a large flush (usually 6 litres), depending on the amount of water required for the flush.

  4. Water saving: An important advantage of a dual-flush built-in reservoir is that it saves water. It allows users to use less water when flushing liquid waste, which helps to reduce water consumption.

  5. Ease of Installation: Sanisupreme Creavit Concealed Cisterns come with detailed installation instructions and are relatively easy to install for experienced plumbers or DIYers with basic plumbing knowledge.


Material: STEEL

Packaging: 1110x590x150

Weight: 15.14 KG

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