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Built-in rain shower

Want to buy a built-in rain shower? SaniSupreme has a wide and competitively priced range and has various colors and sizes in stock! Discover the luxury of a built-in rain shower. Create a stylish designer bathroom at an affordable price!

Collection: Built-in rain shower

Built-in rain shower

Built-in shower sets from SaniSupreme are the right choice for your modern bathroom . Our built-in shower sets have a stylish appearance. Discover the SaniSupreme range and be surprised by the perfect combination of style and functionality.

SaniSupreme built-in shower set in your bathroom

With this complete built-in shower set from SaniSupreme you are ready in just one purchase! This set has been put together with care and assures you of perfectly fitting parts. The SaniSupreme built-in shower set is plug and play and can be used immediately after installation. 

Built-in rain shower set

Sanisupreme's built-in shower sets are available in different styles and designs, ranging from simple basic sets to luxurious sets with  advanced control options. When choosing a shower set, it is important to take your personal preferences, the available space in the bathroom and your budget into account. A built-in rain shower provides a sleek look in your shower room. Most components are built in behind the wall, creating a spacious and modern atmosphere. It is also not entirely unimportant that a built-in shower requires less cleaning work. The brushed brass color gives a cool touch to the bathroom space and is also easy to combine with other colors and patterns.

The built-in shower set from SaniSupreme is a stylish choice

A built-in shower set provides a sleek look in your bathroom. Most components are built in behind the wall, creating a spacious and modern atmosphere. We at SaniSupreme offer a very stylish collection.

Advantages of a built-in rain shower

The most important advantages of a built-in shower set.

  • More space in the shower room
  • Easier to clean shower elements
  • Placing the correct height of the tap
  • Can be combined very well with various sizes and colors (saniSupreme shower collection)


To maintain a quality built-in rain shower set from SaniSupreme in new condition, read the maintenance tips here


Regular maintenance of a built-in shower set helps to extend its lifespan and ensure that it continues to work optimally. Here are some tips for maintaining a concealed shower set:

 Clean the built-in shower set regularly to prevent the accumulation of soap residue, limescale and dirt. Use a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth to descale the shower head, shower hose, mixer tap. On the SaniSupreme website, under the manual and tips section, you can look more specifically at how you can best keep your SaniSupreme built-in shower set in new condition!

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