Keuzestress: welk model inbouwdouche moet ik kiezen

Stress of choice: which model of built-in shower should I choose?

What should I pay attention to when choosing a built-in shower?

Are you. or are you soon going to start looking for a new shower or renovating your bathroom and are you considering having a built-in shower installed or installing it yourself?

Then it is useful to read this blog carefully and save it!

A built-in shower gives the bathroom a luxurious and modern (design) appearance, with the advantage that only the essential parts of the shower are visible. All technology is processed behind the wall and no pipes are visible anymore. A built-in shower is particularly suitable for new bathrooms or major renovations, but can also be built into an existing bathroom if an extra wall is installed.

There is a wide choice of special built-in shower sets available in which all necessary parts are included. A built-in shower set contains a luxurious overhead shower (rain shower) with shower arm, a hand shower, shower hose, and sometimes a built-in mixer tap. You can choose from 2 or 3 road systems. A 2-way system consists of the shower and a hand shower or mixer tap. A 3-way system has all 3 parts available. You can determine and select all the individual elements yourself to create your ultimate shower composition.
The choice is enormous; round, square, matt black, chrome, rose gold, gold or stainless steel. Are you going for round or square? The choice is yours!

Ceiling or wall outlet? Would you prefer a shower that comes from the ceiling or a shower that is attached to the wall? In fact, everything is possible, including the choice of accessories such as hand showers, wall hooks for the hand shower and shower hose spout and the choice of the shape of the shower rods; straight or curved.

Location of the shower and mixer tap

What is often not thought about is how and where the shower and the mixer tap panel are placed. This is often among themselves. The shower hangs exactly above the part where you operate the shower. When you want to take a shower, you almost always get wet yourself. Another point is maintenance and cleaning. In the Netherlands there is a lot of lime in the water.

Regular cleaning is then a requirement. Especially if you choose (matte) black, you must thoroughly dry everything with a soft cloth or towel after every shower. If you don't do this, you will see white lime residue appear after a few months and they often no longer come off properly without hard scrubbing, which often affects the paint layer. You can also prevent this by mounting the control unit in a place that does not immediately get wet when you shower.

Differences in quality and functionality

What should you pay attention to when purchasing a built-in shower?
This really depends on your budget. If money doesn't matter, the possibilities are enormous, especially with the well-known A-brands you can spend thousands of euros on shower sets. Are these of better quality than cheaper sets? No, that is not always necessary. In addition to the materials used, this also concerns internal parts such as the ceramic thermostat and rotating parts. Even expensive brands often have plastic or ABS parts, especially the buttons. SaniSupreme® supplies most sets with brass (stainless steel iron) parts and these are even more robust and durable than ABS parts. Furthermore, more expensive sets are made of thicker sheet steel (brass). The thicker it is, the sturdier and more robust the set is, this is often reflected in the cover plate that is mounted on the wall on the mixer tap unit.

The benefits of a built-in shower

It is a fact that built-in showers are becoming increasingly popular: their design and minimalist appearance makes them perfect for modern and trendy bathrooms. Here we list all the advantages of a built-in shower for you:

More space : Since there are no pipes attached to the wall, you are less likely to bump into something. So you make optimal use of the available space, especially if the bathroom is limited in space and size. This gives you more space when you are in the shower without sacrificing functionality or comfort.

Easier cleaning : In practice, a built-in shower tap ensures that you can clean your shower much faster and easier. Without external pipes or a shower rod, you are often ready within a few minutes.

Installation options: Unlike a surface-mounted shower, a built-in shower allows you to place the shower exactly at the desired height. You can also position the spout and inlet of the hand shower and possibly a tap at exactly the correct and desired height and width.

Stylish design : SaniSupreme® built-in shower sets give the bath shower room a sleek, modern and minimalist look.

Combination options : By choosing the shower head size, color of the parts, cover plate, 2- or 3-way system, shape, etc. you make your own shower unique and exactly the way you want it. There are no limitations that you have with complete installation sets.

The disadvantages of a built-in shower

The biggest disadvantage of a built-in shower is leakage. If the shower is not installed properly and professionally, leakage can occur more quickly in one of the water hoses or pipes that are connected to the built-in mixer tap unit. In that case, part of the wall will have to be opened to check and repair this.

If you are still unsure or need advice about purchasing a suitable built-in shower set, please feel free to contact us. Our SaniSupreme® team would like to advise you about the possibilities.

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