Eenvoudig besparen op Energiekosten en Water door slim gebruik van uw douche

Easily save on energy costs and water through smart use of your shower

We all know that energy has become extremely expensive lately and that almost everyone has to pay attention to these costs. There is a lot of advertising about water-saving shower heads and hand showers that can indeed save you money. However, these savings are often limited and do not really make a big difference in your energy bill. In this Blog we want to give you simple but useful tips that will result in immediate savings.

There are now shower systems and sets available that indicate the temperature of the water and also the time that you have the shower on. These shower sets are equipped with a so-called LCD display. This information is then shown in digital form on the display. These shower systems are available as built-in shower sets and also as surface-mounted shower sets. the latter, for example, are new models of shower panels that all have this technology built-in.

The energy for the LCD display is generated by ingenious and innovative technology called hydroelectricity. With this form of technology, electricity is generated through flowing water. Consider, for example, a paddle wheel that can also generate energy. These Hydro motors are very small and generate low-voltage energy that is harmless. This form of energy is also very environmentally conscious because fuels are necessary. Some examples of these systems are shown below.

LCD built-in shower

With this information it is easier to maintain a maximum shower time of, for example, 10 minutes. The water temperature can also be adjusted easily and visibly.

Not everyone has such a shower system and even then savings are easy to achieve;

- do not turn the shower knob that determines the water pressure all the way open, but for example half way. The beam is then somewhat less hard, but often more than sufficient. This means less water is needed and the boiler will also have to use less energy.
- try to shower a little less hot, a few degrees less is already a saving

- the biggest savings is shower time; use a kitchen timer or other stopwatch or alarm clock that you set for a maximum shower time.

TIP: first measure the time you normally spend in the shower; Next time try to take 25% less time to shower and then set this time.

An average water consumption of 7.2 liters per minute is normal. If your shower consumes more, savings are always possible with a water-saving shower head. These shower heads use filters and distribute the water evenly over the outflow holes of your rain shower. It is not the case that a small shower uses less water than a large shower. The water pressure is an important factor. if the water pressure is high, consumption is often also high. This can be reduced by not setting the shower to maximum water power but, for example, to 50%. Consumption is easy to measure by placing a bucket under your shower and then measuring how much water is in it after a minute; For example, a good estimate is easy to make with empty soft drink bottles.

Finally, it may sound strange, but you don't need to shower every day. You can also freshen up at the sink. If you follow these tips with your entire family, you will save considerably, which you can use to do other fun things without experiencing less comfort and showering pleasure.

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